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Global Debt Solutions, are registered Debt Counsellors who can assist all consumers who discover they have unknowingly gotten themselves buried in credit card debt.  Any employed consumer who is not over-indebted can apply  for a credit card with Standard Bank, Capitec bank, Nedbank or First National Bank. But before you apply for a credit card you need to be fully acquainted with the high interest rates associated.  One major credit card disadvantage is that the credit providers charge up to 60% interest per year. So is there a credit card for people with bad credit? The simple answer is no. Banks will not advance credit to any individual who is in arrears with any of their debt which is negatively listed on the credit bureau. The only solution to credit card debt is debt counselling. Debt Counsellors can reduce the interest rates on your credit cards debt along with all other debt that you may have when you apply for Debt Review.

For people who do not have any debt and are scared of getting involved with just a bit of debt, then all these solutions will provide you with sound advice on how to keep out of debt. Is there an easy way to escape debt? You first have to examine your spending habits. Are you currently paying more than you make? Here is the formula, which contributes to debt. You have to “stay within your means” is the principal quality that can let you to get out of your debt. There are many books, both off and on line concerning the tiny things that add up that is now and broadly termed”The Latte Factor”

This points out just how that small cup of java you get on the way to work,the bubble gum you purchase, accounts up to tens of thousands of rands annually. Little debt is just like big debt in a feeling that both encircle the very same aspects. The very same attributes and attributes are included.

To put it differently, debt is debt and how out is precisely same for the big and the little debt.


Debt  Counselling and Credit Card Debt

Debt  Counselling is designed to assist consumers who cannot afford their credit card debt.  What occurs in debt counselling is that each of your credit cards are  consolidated into a single repayment for you to have the ability to concentrate on a single debt only and with a much lower instalment.

So as to not just escape debt and stay out of debt, it’s very important you talk to a debt counsellor who will provide you with advice about how to keep out of debt forever. You have to create decent spending habits you will take with you during your lifetime. Credit card debt is among those growing challenges that individuals face on a daily basis. All you will need is perseverance, commitment and the ideal attitude. Start working on it together with sensibility.

Attempt to eliminate your habit of buying on credit. This will cause you to use liquid cash for bulk of your purchase which will in turn induce you to purchase only as far as you can afford. Make detail records of your purchases from prior months, which will further educate you about the ways in which  you’ve overspent

You need to use self-control and cut back on the social influences that could pose as an impediment. If you’re faced with debt on multiple cards, you can try settling the one’s with lower balances first. Debt Review will readily allow you to conquer debt issues.

Having too many credit cards can enmesh you into a debt trap. It’s possible to enter a debt counselling program to reduce the interest rates on all the loans that you may have taken.Contact one of our Debt Counsellors for a free assessment.

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